Software Features

Freelance auto bidding bot is a browser extension that bids automatically on fixed and hourly projects. Software searches for keywords in project title, skills, description and filter projects based on currency, country name, project budget and many other filters. Once project is matched with your defined criteria, software customize bid price according to your settings and place bid within few seconds after project gets posted by employer.

Project Title, Description & Skills Search

You can add keywords & their respective proposals, if any keyword found in title, description or skill, then script will bid on that project… You can choose whether you want to search for keyword in project title or description or skill…

Custom Bidding Price & Duration

You can add custom price ranges by defining minimum & maximum project price including currency code…  You can increase or decrease in freelancer suggested price by some %age. You can also set duration for fixed & hourly projects…

Project Minimum & Maximum Budget Filter

You can set minimum and maximum budget for fixed and hourly projects, freelancer auto bidding bot will bid only on those projects that gets matched with your defined minimum and maximum budget according to your profile currency…

Excluded keywords, Currencies & Users

If you don’t want to bid on projects that have some bad or irrelevant keywords or currency or projects posted by some freelancer employer then add those keywords or currencies or employer username in excluded keywords option…

Bid Quality Score Protection

You can set minimum bid quality score in project options tab inside bot… Script will stop immediately when minimum bid quality score reached…

Bid on Non-disclosure agreement projects

Software automatically signs NDA agreement and place bid on NDA projects…

Bid on Featured projects

Software automatically place bid on projects listed as featured…

Project Currency Code Filter

You can add comma separated currency codes for projects,  if any currency code found in new project then software will bid on that project… You can set freelancer auto bidding to bid on all projects in any currencies..

Project Countries & Excluded Countries

You can add comma separated countries name if you want to bid on projects from specific countries. You can avoid bidding on projects from some countries by adding them as comma separated in excluded countries list.

Custom Proposal

You can create single or multiple proposals for any keywords… Use “{Sep}” short code to define more than one bid summary, skill & experience and employer question. Only one random proposal will be submitted at run-time…

Manual Proposal keywords & Manual Bidding

If manual proposal keyword found in title or description, bot will place bid & open it in new tab for manual proposal submission… Manual bidding feature will open project in new tab without bidding that gets matched with your criteria…

Bid on payment verified projects

You can enable this feature if you want to bid only on payment verified project… This will also help you to avoid fake posted projects…

Bid on free bid an Recruiter projects

Software automatically place bid on Recruiter and free bid projects…

Bid on Sealed projects

Software automatically place bid on projects listed as Sealed…


Brief Features

  • Search keywords in projects title
  • Search keywords in projects description
  • Search keywords in projects skills
  • Search currency codes
  • Search project country
  • Search exclude keywords in projects title
  • Search exclude keywords in projects description
  • Search exclude keywords in projects skills
  • Exclude currency codes
  • Exclude country filter
  • Exclude employer by username
  • Case-sensitive search for excluded keywords
  • Unlimited keywords and proposals
  • Random proposal submission
  • Define multiple proposal
  • Manual proposal keywords
  • Open project in new tab after bidding
  • Bid on projects in all currencies
  • Bid on specific currencies
  • Auto bid with empty proposal
  • Manual bidding
  • Import & Export software settings
  • By default average bid price bidding
  • Increase or decrease default bid price
  • Define custom bid price range
  • Bid project minimum budget as bid amount
  • Bid project maximum budget as bid amount
  • Set minimum bid amount threshold
  • Define custom project duration
  • Define custom hourly rate
  • Define custom weekly limit
  • Define minimum budget for fixed projects
  • Define maximum budget for fixed projects
  • Define minimum budget for hourly projects
  • Define maximum budget for hourly projects
  • Define custom delay between bids
  • Define waiting delay before bidding
  • Define description character count
  • Bid using official Freelancer API
  • Play sound after bidding
  • Bid quality score protection
  • Bid in fast mode
  • Get bid details w.r.t bidding time
  • View project status logs
  • Bid on hourly projects
  • Bid fixed projects
  • Bid on re-posted projects
  • Bid on NDA projects
  • Bid on free bid projects
  • Bid on recruiter projects
  • Bid on featured projects
  • Bid on sealed projects
  • Bid on private projects
  • Bid on urgent projects
  • Bid on local projects
  • Bid on failing projects
  • Bid only if payment verified
  • Bid only if deposit made
  • Bid only if email verified
  • Bid only if phone verified
  • Bid only if identity verified
  • Bid only if profile completed
  • Bid only if facebook connected
  • Open unverified projects in new tab
  • FIFO bidding queue for delayed projects
  • Avoid duplicate bids on single project


We have developed world smartest Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot [FABB] that bids on live projects or re-posted projects, with many customizable  features… This script will allow you to bid on your desired projects automatically within few seconds after projects gets posted by Freelancer employers…

Affordable Pricing

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$0 7 days

  • 1 freelancer profile
  • Free trial


$20$10 1 month

  • 1 freelancer profile
  • Paid monthly
  • $10/month


$80$55 6 months

  • 1 freelancer profile
  • Paid after every 6 months
  • $9/month


$120$100 1 Year

  • 1 Freelancer Profile
  • Paid yearly
  • $8/month

FABB v36 Released October 02, 2023

  • Added support for exact keyword search. This feature is enabled by default, so you don’t need to take any action.
  • Added Exclude City. You can now exclude projects from specific cities.
  • Added Exclude Proposals from Projects in Specific Countries. You can now selectively exclude proposals from projects originating in specified countries.
  • Enhanced the Project Logs feature to provide real-time updates.
  • Streamlined the Autofill and Bid on this project feature to work seamlessly without requiring validation.
  • Fixed NDA signing issue.
  • Added Support for IP Agreement in projects.
  • Added a feature that will skip fake projects with identical descriptions.
  • Added an option to Skip Clients Filters for Recruiter Projects. Access this feature in the Dashboard under the “Client Filters” tab for further customization.
  • Added Backup and Restore Configuration. It will allows you to create backups of your configurations and restore them as needed.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added Sealed bid support for preferred freelancers.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added a short-code to detect if there is any attachment to project. Use below format inside your proposal. [if_attachment] I am checking your attachment, I’ll update you shortly… [/if_attachment].
  • Added a short-code to detect quoted text inside project description and insert quoted value into your proposal. Use [quoted_word_here max_words=5] inside your proposal.
  • Added a short-code to insert greeting text (Good morning or Good afternoon or Good evening) based on client’s timezone. Use [welcome_text_here] inside your proposal.
  • Allowed empty proposal if Bid Manually By Yourself OR Submit Proposal Manually is checked.
  • Added Client’s account age feature avialable under Client filters. This will allow you to bid on projects whose employer account age is greater than X days.
  • Fixed scroll to bottom issue when project is opened in new tab.
  • Fixed duplicate project opening in new tab.
  • Fixed Autofill bid details feature.
  • Fixed Fast bidding issue.
  • Updated UI/UX.
  • Fixed keyword specfic bid amount.
  • Fixed Apply min limit for manual bidding issue.
  • Fixed milestone issue.
  • Fixed bid upgrade issue.
  • Fixed bidding issue.
  • Added AND and OR operands on Client’s verification filters.
  • Added Country specific proposal. You can define different proposal for each country.
  • Bid if project maximum budget is greater then your specified limit in USD. To use this feature edit your proposal and check Apply min budget limit .
  • Updated UI/UX.
  • Added {EmployerName} short-code.
  • Fixed milestone issue.
  • Updated Suggest milestone feature. Now only one milestone is required and 2nd milestone is optional.
  • Fixed several minor problems.
  • Added Autofill bid details feature. When using Bid manually option this feature will be activated by default.
  • Added Suggest milestone feature. You can edit your proposals to set milestone description.
  • Added Delivery time option in Custom price range feature. Now you can set project delivery time based on minimum and maximum project’s budget.
  • Several minor problems fixed.
  • Fixed issue in Bid on this project feature.
  • Updated Keyword search feature. Now word by word search will be performed.
  • Removed Active tab feature. Now onward tab will be opened in background and it will not be focused while using manual bid option.
  • Added Bid Upgrades feature. Update your proposals to enable it.
  • Added Project Languages feature. Now you can control bidding on project in specific language.
  • UX design upgraded and Fixed few issues.
  • Fixed bidding issue.
  • Restricted Minimum delay b/w bids to 5 SEC at-least.
  • Fixed login issue.
  • Added Max. description character length option.
  • Updated {ProjectSkills} short-code to embed random skill names inside proposal.
  • Added {ProjDec} short-code to embed first sentence of project description into proposal.
  • To limit character length of first sentence in project description short-code use {ProjDec -character length}. For example: to use first 20 character from first sentence of project description, use {ProjDec-20} inside proposal.
  • Added a new proposal format to generate random proposals. For example: {Hi |Hey |Hello |Yo }!

    I am {an expert |professional |skilled } Swift {programmer |computer programmer |coder |software engineer |engineer |developer } with skills including {ProjectSkills}. Please {send a message |contact me } to discuss more {about |regarding } this project. {Thank you |Thanks }

  • Notice: It is advised to all freelancers to use https://www.freelancer.com/api/dashboard to run script in order to avoid bid restrictions. Don’t run script from freelancer homepage or any other page except /API/* page. If you see error on the /API/* page, ignore it. Firefox users need to disable JSON view in order to enable script on /API/* page. Use this link to disable JSON View on Firefox. After that refresh /API/* page you will able to see script interface on Firefox. Use new proposal format and {ProjectSkills} short-code inside every proposal, So that your proposal should be unique every time. Don’t forget to change your proposal frequently.
  • Fixed few issues.
  • Removed Employer Name feature from proposals.
  • Fixed time zone issue.
  • Fixed proposal priority issue.
  • Fixed issue in bid on this project.
  • Fixed bid price issue when project min & max budget is same.
  • Added new proposal format..
  • Fixed currency conversion issue.
  • Added min & max time for bidding option. Random value between this range will be chosen.
  • Added multiple bid price support in custom price range feature. Random bid price will be chosen.
  • Added min & max delivery time option for fixed projects. Random value between this range will be chosen.
  • Added min & max weekly limit option for hourly projects. Random value between this range will be chosen.
  • Added min & max employer reviews limit. Script will bid only if employer’s reviews are within your defined limit.
  • Added a feature to bid if any employer verification method found. Employer verification methods includes (payment, phone, identity and email verification, profile complete, deposit made & facebook connected).
  • Added keyword based minimum budget filter. Now you can define different min budget limit for every keyword. Script will only bid if project’s minimum budget is greater than or equal to your specified limit in USD. This feature is available while creating or editing your proposal.
  • Fixed design issue in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Fixed issue in bid on this project.
  • Fixed issue in who placed first bid.
  • Added support for backup AAA server in case main server gets down.
  • Fixed hidden scroll-bar issue.
  • Fixed issue in open project after bid.
  • Fixed browser hang / memory issue. project bid logs are now limited to last 100 logs.
  • Added a feature to bid on project opened in current tab. Software will check all your defined criteria, if passed, it will bid on it. To use this feature, open any project then from left panel, click on bid on this project.
  • Added a option to define re-posted projects time limit in minutes available under project options tab called reposted project time limit in minutes . This feature works when bid on reposted projects is un-checked.
  • Fixed who placed first bid feature.
  • Added a feature to bid in fast mode.
  • Fixed issue in submit proposal manually.
  • Added a filter to bid only if deposit made.
  • Added a filter to bid only if email verified.
  • Added a filter to bid only if phone verified.
  • Added a filter to bid only if identity verified.
  • Added a filter to bid only if profile completed.
  • Added a filter to bid only if facebook connected.
  • Added a feature to avoid duplicate bids on single project.
  • Updated User Interface and increased bidding performance.
  • Added a filter to bid project maximum budget as bid amount.
  • Added a filter to perform case-sensitive search for excluded keywords.
  • Added a feature to save project status logs. Click on project status logs to view project logs.
  • Added a filter to open projects in new tab if project budget is below your defined minimum limit.
  • Reduced re-posted projects delay time to 1 minutes, previously it was 30 minutes. Now when bid on re-posted projects is unchecked, script will skip all projects that are older than 1 minutes.
  • Added projects queue system. Now script will never skip any project because of minimum bid delay between each bid. The project that comes between minimum bid delay period will be added to FIFO queue for bidding.
  • Added a filter to open unverified in new tab. Unverified projects consist of (payment not verified, phone not verified, identity not verified, email not verified, profile incomplete, deposit not made and facebook not connected). If you check this option then script will open these unverified projects in new tab for manual bidding by yourself.
  • Fixed bidding issue on payment verified projects.
  • Added a filter to bid on NDA projects.
  • Added a filter to bid on recruiter projects.
  • Added a filter to bid on failing projects.
  • Added a filter to bid on local projects.
  • Fixed custom price range issue.
  • Added feature in custom price range to allow more than one currency codes. If budget range and bid price is same for more than one currency then separate currency codes with comma. Ex: USD, AUD, CAD.
  • Added hourly rate option. This hourly rate is defined in user profile primary currency. While bidding if project is in different currency then hourly rate is converted to that currency.
  • Added minimum hourly budget filter.
  • Added maximum hourly budget filter.
  • Added support to bid on recruiter projects.
  • Added support to bid on free bid projects.
  • Added support to bid on NDA projects. Please make sure to add your profile country code which is required for signing NDA.
  • Fixed bidding on re-posted projects.
  • Added clickable short-codes in create proposal and edit proposal feature for better user experience.
  • Modified minimum bid delay feature to allow minimum 5 seconds bid delay, previously it was 30 seconds.
  • Added manual bidding feature.
  • Added currency code control in custom price ranges.
  • Fixed maximum bid price could be greater than maximum budget of project.
  • Added user-name option in exclude keywords field to avoid bidding on some clients projects.
  • Added bidding on payment verified projects and open unverified projects in new tab for manual bidding.
  • Added bid quality score feature.
  • Added bid without freelancer API.
  • Added fixed amount based on keywords.
  • Added bidding on payment verified user projects.
  • Added custom price range option to adjust bid price according to minimum and maximum budget.
  • Updated application design.
  • Added separate filter to bid for fixed project.
  • Removed milestone description option in proposal.
  • Added and option to hide application interface on startup.
  • Added preview option to view final proposal against keywords.
  • Added manual proposal keywords filter.
  • Completely redesigned application interface.
  • Added an option to play sound after bidding.
  • Added exclude keywords and currency code filter for project search.
  • Added excluded countries feature to avoid bidding on specified countries.
  • Added separate filters to allow search in project titles, description and skills.
  • Added support for random proposal by spinning bid summary, skill and experience, milestone description and employer question using {Sep} API.
  • Added short-code API in bid summary and milestone description as {ProjectTitle}, in skill and experience as {ProjectSkills}, in bid summary and employer questions as {EmployerName}.
  • Added manual proposal submission option.
  • Added support for bidding on reposted projects.
  • Added maximum budget search filter for projects.
  • Fixed few bugs.
  • Added random duration option for fixed projects.
  • Added import and export script settings feature.
  • Added minimum bid amount option.
  • Added a feature to define different proposal for every keyword.
  • Added currency code search in project.
  • Added keywords search in project skills.
  • Added custom duration for fixed projects.
  • Added support for hourly project bidding.
  • Added minimum budget filter for projects.
  • Fixed minor issues.
  • Added search for keyword in project description.
  • Added bidding for specific countries feature.
  • Added open project in new tab after bidding feature.
  • Added feature to search who placed first bid on project.
  • Added increase or decrease in suggested price by percentage.
  • Added random project proposal for bidding.
  • Initial release.

Screen shots

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