Software Features

Freelance auto bidding bot is a browser extension that bids automatically on fixed and hourly projects. Software searches for keywords in project title, skills, description and filter projects based on currency, country name, project budget and many other filters. Once project is matched with your defined criteria, software customize bid price according to your settings and place bid within few seconds after project gets posted by employer.

Project Title, Description & Skills Search

You can add keywords & their respective proposals, if any keyword found in title, description or skill, then script will bid on that project… You can choose whether you want to search for keyword in project title or description or skill…

Custom Bidding Price & Duration

You can add custom price ranges by defining minimum & maximum project price including currency code…  You can increase or decrease in freelancer suggested price by some %age. You can also set duration for fixed & hourly projects…

Project Minimum & Maximum Budget Filter

You can set minimum and maximum budget for fixed and hourly projects, freelancer auto bidding bot will bid only on those projects that gets matched with your defined minimum and maximum budget according to your profile currency…

Excluded keywords, Currencies & Users

If you don’t want to bid on projects that have some bad or irrelevant keywords or currency or projects posted by some freelancer employer then add those keywords or currencies or employer username in excluded keywords option…

Bid Quality Score Protection

You can set minimum bid quality score in project options tab inside bot… Script will stop immediately when minimum bid quality score reached…

Bid on Non-disclosure agreement projects

Software automatically signs NDA agreement and place bid on NDA projects…

Bid on Featured projects

Software automatically place bid on projects listed as featured…

Project Currency Code Filter

You can add comma separated currency codes for projects,  if any currency code found in new project then software will bid on that project… You can set freelancer auto bidding to bid on all projects in any currencies..

Project Countries & Excluded Countries

You can add comma separated countries name if you want to bid on projects from specific countries. You can avoid bidding on projects from some countries by adding them as comma separated in excluded countries list.

Custom Proposal

You can create single or multiple proposals for any keywords… Use “{Sep}” short code to define more than one bid summary, skill & experience and employer question. Only one random proposal will be submitted at run-time…

Manual Proposal keywords & Manual Bidding

If manual proposal keyword found in title or description, bot will place bid & open it in new tab for manual proposal submission… Manual bidding feature will open project in new tab without bidding that gets matched with your criteria…

Bid on payment verified projects

You can enable this feature if you want to bid only on payment verified project… This will also help you to avoid fake posted projects…

Bid on free bid an Recruiter projects

Software automatically place bid on Recruiter and free bid projects…

Bid on Sealed projects

Software automatically place bid on projects listed as Sealed…


Brief Features

  • Search keywords in projects title
  • Search keywords in projects description
  • Search keywords in projects skills
  • Search currency codes
  • Search project country
  • Search exclude keywords in projects title
  • Search exclude keywords in projects description
  • Search exclude keywords in projects skills
  • Exclude currency codes
  • Exclude country filter
  • Exclude employer by username
  • Case-sensitive search for excluded keywords
  • Unlimited keywords and proposals
  • Random proposal submission
  • Define multiple proposal
  • Manual proposal keywords
  • Open project in new tab after bidding
  • Bid on projects in all currencies
  • Bid on specific currencies
  • Auto bid with empty proposal
  • Manual bidding
  • Import & Export software settings
  • By default average bid price bidding
  • Increase or decrease default bid price
  • Define custom bid price range
  • Bid project minimum budget as bid amount
  • Bid project maximum budget as bid amount
  • Set minimum bid amount threshold
  • Define custom project duration
  • Define custom hourly rate
  • Define custom weekly limit
  • Define minimum budget for fixed projects
  • Define maximum budget for fixed projects
  • Define minimum budget for hourly projects
  • Define maximum budget for hourly projects
  • Define custom delay between bids
  • Define waiting delay before bidding
  • Define description character count
  • Bid using official Freelancer API
  • Play sound after bidding
  • Bid quality score protection
  • Bid in fast mode
  • Get bid details w.r.t bidding time
  • View project status logs
  • Bid on hourly projects
  • Bid fixed projects
  • Bid on re-posted projects
  • Bid on NDA projects
  • Bid on free bid projects
  • Bid on recruiter projects
  • Bid on featured projects
  • Bid on sealed projects
  • Bid on private projects
  • Bid on urgent projects
  • Bid on local projects
  • Bid on failing projects
  • Bid only if payment verified
  • Bid only if deposit made
  • Bid only if email verified
  • Bid only if phone verified
  • Bid only if identity verified
  • Bid only if profile completed
  • Bid only if facebook connected
  • Open unverified projects in new tab
  • FIFO bidding queue for delayed projects
  • Avoid duplicate bids on single project


We have developed world smartest Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot [FABB] that bids on live projects or re-posted projects, with many customizable  features… This script will allow you to bid on your desired projects automatically within few seconds after projects gets posted by Freelancer employers…